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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor Redesigned

New courses were recently approved for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor and these courses will begin being offered in Fall of 2018.

Trish Thomas, Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation, explained that the new course curriculum was developed with the goal of learning the entrepreneurial process and mindset.  The curriculum’s cornerstone is a series of three courses that will teach students the process involved in starting, launching, and scaling a new business or social venture from scratch.  The new curriculum complements any area of study and engages students in how to think and be more entrepreneurial.  Each course is designed to answer one central question, and the intention is to bring in experienced entrepreneurs and industry leaders to teach and mentor students in these classes.   

The new requirements to complete the ENTP minor are:

  1. ENTP 110 Introduction to Innovation, Design Thinking, and Entrepreneurship (or ENTP 120 Introduction to Entrepreneurship)
  2. ENTP 220 Entrepreneurial Selling and Fundraising (new title; ENTP 320 also counts)
  3. ENTP 250 Small Business Leadership and Management or ENTP 255 Nonprofit Leadership and Management
  4. ENTP 270 Entrepreneurial and Social Ventures 1: Product-Market Fit
  5. ENTP 370 Entrepreneurial and Social Ventures II: Launch
  6. Elective #1 (from an approved list)

For a complete list of ENTP courses and their descriptions, click here.