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Treviño leads team at international math competition

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Enrique Treviño attended the 2018 European Girls Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) from April 9–15 in Florence, Italy as the leader of the Mexican team.

It was the best performance by Mexico in the history of this competition, as the team placed seventh out of 52 teams total, netting four silver medals. The Mexican team consisted of Marcela Cruz, Violeta Martínez, Nuria Sydykova, Ana Paula Jiménez. All four team members earned a silver medal. 

Treviño has been participating in the Mexican Mathematical Olympiad as a trainer since 2003. In 2015, he became part of the Mexican Mathematical Olympiad Committee. Since then, he has been a trainer of the Mexican teams that compete in international competitions. 

Treviño explains that his involvement with the Mexican Mathematical Olympiad influences his Enrique TreviñoEnrique Treviño
work at the College: “It helps me prepare students for math competitions such as the Putnam Competition or the Illinois sectional mathematics problem-solving competitions. I also use this training in some of my classes, for example in the number theory class I’m teaching this semester.”

The EGMO started seven years ago with the purpose of promoting more women into STEM fields and, more specifically, to get more women to attend the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). To participate in the EGMO, contestants must be girls that have not started college yet.

This year, Treviño travelled to Guanajuato from March 8–13 to train the team that participated in this year’s EGMO. The EGMO is a two-day exam. On each day, contestants get three problems and have four and a half hours to solve them.

Treviño has also trained students competing to go to the 2018 International Math Olympiad (IMO) and the 2018 Iberoamerican Math Olympiad (OMI). In July of 2017, he trained the Canadian and Mexican teams that competed at the 2017 IMO. He also was the chair of the problem-selection-committee of the Asian Pacific Mathematical Olympiad.