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Communications and Marketing

Pitch It finalists announced

Six teams of entrepreneurial Foresters have been chosen to pitch their new social or business venture—competing for $10,000 in prizes—at the finals for the 2018 Forester Pitch Competition on Tuesday, April 17.

The six teams advancing to the finals are:

  • DoDo Project (Melissa Ward): This social venture offers a means to grow the vital anti-cancer, chemotherapy component, Taxus Contorta, 3-5x faster and in higher yields using a custom aquaponics system.
  • MyID (Ryan Widmer): This business venture introduces a product that streamlines all student and faculty identification, information, and campus access on one card.
  • SportSpek Trading (Vito Brunetti): This business venture introduces an online, day trading platform for avid fantasy sports players.
  • H.E.R Comforts (Lindelo Dlamini, Kailey Gonzales, and Jabulani Sidfundza): This social venture addresses medical, educational, economic, and social issues in Swaziland with a menstrual pad made from banana leaves.
  • Nabta (Noel Orwothwun, Koku Donkor, Moyosore Tejumola, and Jake Ngugi): This social venture creates an online platform for aspiring entrepreneurs in Ghana where they can exchange project ideas and gain access to resources.
  • Nibipure (Karla Figueroa and Fatemeh Riahi): This social venture introduces a portable, cost-effective, weather-withstanding water barrel that can be used when people don’t have access to clean water, such as in a natural disaster.

The competition will take place at 7 p.m. in Gorton Community Center on April 17. Get more information here.