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Senior Class Challenge Leaders

Share why they chose to be part of the Loyalty Circle


“Alumni support plays an important role in providing students with numerous opportunities including access to incredible professors and coaches, internship opportunities, and on campus activities, all of which have greatly shaped mine and many others’ Lake Forest College experiences.

I chose to make a five-year pledge to thank Lake Forest College for everything that it has provided me. I am thankful for such a strong sense of family, where your professors and coaches are pushing you to strive for excellence. I have been given memories that will last a lifetime. This gift is the least I can do.”



“I chose to make a gift before I graduate to thank Lake Forest College for all the amazing opportunities and all the people I have crossed paths with over the years. Being at a small college, I was given the chance to branch out and create relationships with many remarkable people including professors, coaches, teammates, sorority sisters, and peers.

With their support I was able to have a rewarding and unforgettable college experience. With everything Lake Forest has given me, I couldn’t think of a better way to say ‘thank you’ than by making my first gift.”



“Lake Forest College is truly a special place that would not be the same without our Forester community. You have provided students with endless opportunities such as career preparation, scholarship support, and the funds to maintain all the aspects of our wonderful campus. Your continued generosity has laid the foundation for success that all graduates will constantly strive to carry into the next chapter of their lives.

Without your support, my classmates and I would not have had the memorable and life changing experiences that Lake Forest College provided us. This is why I chose to make a gift to the College before graduation. I look up to those who have supported the College before me and I want my graduating class and the classes that follow to continue that tradition.”