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Study Abroad and Domestic Study Away

Notes from Abroad: Aleea in England

Aleea Newman ’19 is an Economics major who is studying in Nottingham, England.

Next week marks the two month milestone of my time in the United Kingdom. I’m attending Nottingham Trent University, a school well known for both their business and fashion departments. Although the first two weeks was mainly spent scrabbling to get all my things in order, I can say with confidence that I have finally made myself at home here. Of course there has been hiccups along the way, but I can say, overall, that my stay so far hasn’t been anything less than wonderful. So here are a few of my experiences so far: When I began classes, I was surprise to see how different they were from Lake Forest College. In the UK we only have three classes per semester. However these three classes are split into two different settings. So for one subject we have a lecture for one day and later on that week we have a seminar. So combined we spend about three hours in class. Which allows for a lot more free t! ime and self studying. Adjusting to this new work ethic has been both challenging and enlightening. I’ve made a plethora of friends from all over the world that have come from countries such as Spain, France, Greece, Thailand and even Australia. This was due to the school offering meet and speaks and other events to make friends with other international students and locals. As a result I have been exposed to cultures unlike my own. I have found that I share more in common than differences with others which has made conversations flow easily. The food here is amazing. My favorite restaurant so far has been a diner restaurant chain called Nandos. They’re known for their chicken and atmospheric setting. I’m guilty of eating there at least once a week. I was also able to try out a traditional English breakfast, which consisted of beans, eggs, bacon, sausage and toast. I was rather thrown off by their bacon because it appeared to look like ham but it was just as good. Unfortunately, I have yet to set foot outside of Nottingham but, I have already planned to visit London, Barcelona, Brussels and Amsterdam over Easter break. I’m lucky that traveling within Europe is cheap enough for me to visit more than one country. I’m looking forward to traveling to these cities and exploring their attractions, cultures and food. I’m thankful for the opportunity given to me from both Lake Forest College and the donors that helped to finance this semester. Cheers! Aleea Newman Lake Forest College ’19