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Goluboff reads from new book of poetry

Associate Professor of English Benjamin Goluboff held a reading of his new book of poetry, Ho Chi Minh: A Speculative Life in Verse and Other Poems, at the Book Stall on March 18.

Goluboff was joined by Joshua Bohnsack, who also performed a reading, before the two engaged in a discussion on independent publishing. 

Ho Chi Minh: A Speculative Life in Verse

The publisher describes Ho Chi Minh as follows: “Almost fifty years after his death, Ho Chi Minh remains a deeply divisive figure – heroic revolutionary, or brutal dictator, depending on your perspective on the Vietnam wars. Not overtly political, the poems in this collection interrogate Ho’s life and wars with a lyricism that is both dark and inventive.”

In addition to explorations of the life of Ho Chi Minh, this collection includes poems whose subjects range from Allen Ginsberg and Chicago graffiti to classic photographs and the Battle of Fredericksburg.

Ho Chi Minh: A Speculative Life in Verse and Other Poems, was published by Urban Farmhouse Press in October of 2017, and is available for purchase here.