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Sadri on Worldview

Professor of Sociology and Islamic World Studies Ahmad Sadri was recently interviewed on WBEZ’s Worldview about The Secret Fatwa, a new film about the Iranian prison where Sadri was held for two months.

“The docudrama portrays the darkest chapter of the abuse of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran,” explains Sadri. “During the purges at the Evin prison in 1988, the government used the excuse of an attack by the MEK organization–from Iraq, where they were sheltered by Saddam Hussein–to liquidate members of this organization who were serving their sentences in Iranian prisons. Inmates were subjected to summary trials before their execution. Up to 4,000 victims may have perished in this purge.”

Sadri was interviewed alongside Delnaz Abadi, the film’s director, and Nick Angotti, the organizer of the Peace on Earth Film Festival, which will screen The Secret Fatwa. Sadri joins them to speak on his own experience at Evin prison when he was arrested four years ago.

Listen to the full interview here.