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Career Connections

Career Advisors Offer Express Advising Hours in Student Center

The Career Advancement Center (CAC) is bringing career advising straight to the hub of Lake Forest College student life!

The Career Advancement Center (CAC) brings its services straight to the hub of Lake Forest College student life! During the Fall and Spring terms, the CAC team of Career Advisors offers drop-in, or “express” advising in the Mohr Student Center. Monday-Friday, staff members will be available for career-related questions, such as resume writing, interview tips, etc., from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. If you are looking to meet with your Career Advisor or the advisor for your Pathway, a detailed schedule is below.

  • Monday: Marie Josephitis, Business and Finance
  • Tuesday: Danielle Kelly, Creative Arts and Communication
  • Wednesday: Ben Rohde, Law and Public Service
  • Thursday: Pauline Binder-Finnema PhD, Science and Health Care
  • Friday: Vernard Lockhart, Business and Finance

As always, you can still set up a 30-minute appointment with your Career Advisor by using Handshake or contacting the CAC directly (by email careers@lakeforest.edu or by phone 847-735-5235). Stop in today and start planning for your future success!

*Schedule an appointment with your Career Advisor or Internship Specialist via Handshake. Need help scheduling an appointment? View the Handshake Help Page here.