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Communications and Marketing

CAC’s biggest fan? Abby Samelson ’19

Transfer student Abby Samuelson ’19 has used the resources at the Career Advancement Center since her first day on campus.

“I meet with Joe Chmura, who’s helping me because I have zero idea of what I want to do after college,” said Samuelson, who is a communication  major and double-minor in gender, sexuality, and women’s studies as well as entrepreneurship and innovation

Chmura has spent a lot of time working one-on-one with Samuelson exploring different career options to find the best fit for her. 

“He’s helpful because he knows me, he knows my GPA, my co-curriculars, and my strengths,” Samuelson said. Chmura recommended an internship in public relations, which proved to be a win. 

“He was right. Public relations hit on all the things he saw in me that I’m good at—writing, socializing, and social media,” she said. 

As a transfer from University of Dayton, Samuelson knows she is an important piece in the Lake Forest College puzzle. “Every piece is critical to the strength of the community,” she said. Her experience with the CAC is a good example of the community Lake Forest College provides its students, she said.

“Career centers at other schools don’t know you like the CAC knows me,” Samuelson said. “Joe knows me as a person, and knowing someone as a person is much more helpful when trying to look for a job and getting help than just looking at a resume.”

For help in your career search, February is Career Month on campus with a full schedule of activities. Click here to view.