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All-College Writing Contest winners announced

The 2017-18 All-College Writing Contest winner is Isabel Rae McKenzie ’19, who is ecstatic about the opportunity to have her essay published in Lake Forest Papers

“Winning the All-College Writing Contest feels so significant for me because the prize—publication in the College’s online journal—is a concrete step toward my plan of going into academia and publishing,” McKenzie said of the accomplishment. 

McKenzie’s essay, titled “Steal then, O orator,/ plunder, O poet’: Tradition and H.D.’s Re-Visionary Trilogy,” was written for English 450, taught by Professor of English Robert Archambeau. 

Honorable mention goes to Emily Staufer ’19, for her essay, “The Bad Side of Bacon: Industrial Hog Farming and Antibiotic Resistance,” written for Environmental Studies 363, taught by Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Brian McCammack.

The honor “gives me hope to keep improving and building on my writing, whether it’s creatively or for research, because it’s such a major part of who I am,” Staufer said.

– By Tracy Koenn ’18