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Mathematics and Computer Science

Treviño talk wins prize

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Enrique Treviño won a 2017 Emma and Dick Lehmer prize given to the favorite talks of the West Coast Number Theory Conference.

The Lehmer Prize was awarded to three of the 32 talks presented. Treviño’s prize was for his talk “Counting Perfect Polynomials,” in which he discussed research done with alumnus U. Caner Cengiz ’17 and University of Georgia Associate Professor of Mathematics Paul Pollack.

Treviño and Cengiz began their research collaboration while Cengiz was a Richter Scholar in the summer of 2014. Cengiz is currently pursuing a master’s degree in mathematics in Turkey. Treviño, Cengiz, and Pollack previously published a paper on this research in a specialized mathematics peer-reviewed journal called Finite Fields and Their Applications.

The West Coast Number Theory Conference is an annual meeting of number theorists held in December, usually in California.