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A Forester you should know: Joel Nierling ’18

Being on the Lake Forest College football team feels like belonging to a band of brothers, and Joel Nierling ’18 is one of them.

Though he may have completed his last football season, this halfback from Georgia will always be a part of the football family.

“When you join the team, you really do gain over 90 brothers,” said Nierling. “We all love each other at the end of the day and would do anything for one another, if we needed to.” 

Nierling pushes himself not only on the field but in other extracurriculars, including the accounting and finance clubs and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, where he is vice president.  

This business major with a concentration in accounting is a Forester you should know: 

Q: What drew you to Lake Forest College?
A: “I was originally recruited to play football here, so that’s how I found out about the College. Also, I thought going to school in a new region of the country seemed like a special opportunity to go somewhere new, meet new people, and have new experiences, since I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. During my visit, it felt like everyone here cared about each other and the campus seemed homey, so I really enjoyed the small-community atmosphere. I was also drawn to the variety of academics at Lake Forest, like the finance and business departments.” 

Q: What is your favorite campus memory and why it is your favorite?     
A: “My favorite campus memory would be my 2016 football season. During the summer of 2016, one of my close teammates, D.J. Baker, had suddenly passed away. The team came together and were there for each other while we went through the loss of a great teammate. We finished the season 8-2 and placed second in the Midwest Conference. It was the greatest season I have ever experienced in my six-year football career. We all played for a greater goal that was bigger than any one person.”

Q: How has Lake Forest College helped shape you as a person?
A: “Attending Lake Forest College has molded me into the hard-working, determined person I am today.” 

Q: What are your plans after Lake Forest College?
“I plan on working to obtain a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) license after I graduate, and I also want to attend graduate school to get a master’s degree in accounting. Ideally, I would like to work as an accountant for a professional sports team one day.”

Q: What experiences have you had here in and out of the classroom that have prepared you for your future career?

A: “In the classroom, my experiences prepared me for the real world by teaching me how important attentiveness and learning are in the workplace. Outside the classroom, I have learned to enjoy every moment I have with the people around me that I love.”

Q: Parting words:

A: “Thank you for the opportunity and the memories.”

— By Tracy Koenn ’18