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The Forest

Submit art to Collage Magazine

Collage Magazine is a creative medium that aims to represent the cultural and linguistic diversity within the Lake Forest College community. The deadline for submissions is March 1.

Collage Magazine is open to all types of art, including poetry, stories, lyrics, and drawings. Any writing must be done in a language that is not English.

The submission deadline is March 1. Those who submit something will receive a copy of the printed magazine, and their piece will also be published on Collage’s online site.

If you would like to submit something, feel free to send it to David Fernandez-Diaz at fernandezdiaz@mx.lakeforest.edu with “Collage Submission” in the subject line to assure submissions don’t get misplaced or lost—questions are welcome too.

Collage would also like to invite anyone who submits a writing piece to come to their Symposium event, where they are welcome to read a piece and share a little bit about it. Students are not limited to writing just one piece; they may submit many pieces and in many languages.