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A Forester you should know: Lily McCarthy ’18

After 14 years, Lily McCarthy ’18 has finally entered her last season as a competitive swimmer. Though eager to relax after training 18 hours a week and always smelling like chlorine, McCarthy admits her last season as a team captain will be important to her.

“Being a captain is an amazing experience,” she said. “I am connecting with so many people on the team and learning what it means to truly lead and be part of not only a team but a supportive family.”

McCarthy is training to uphold her title as a leader and a hard worker. Since she is a distance swimmer, her specialty event is the 1,650-meter freestyle, and she is training to make NCAAs in that event. She has also had two internships—working with Congressman Robert Dold two years ago and at the Massachusetts Export Center over the summer.

This international relations and business double major who is a leader both in and out of the pool is a Forester you should know. 

Q: What drew you to Lake Forest College?

A: “I first heard about Lake Forest College when the head coach of the swim team emailed me because he wanted me to visit and consider attending. When I came out here for my recruiting trip during a crazy snowstorm, I fell in love with the gorgeous campus, the kind and welcoming people, and the amazing programs at the College. I realized this is where I belong, and here I am four years later as a senior. It all went by so quickly. “

 Q: What is your favorite campus memory and why is it your favorite?

A: “I watched Mamma Mia with a group of my close friends on campus one evening, and I remember thinking how grateful I was for the connections I have made. I have met some of the greatest people on campus and formed lasting relationships. I will never forget that evening I spent dancing and singing to the movie at the top of my lungs with my friends.”

Q: How has Lake Forest College helped shape you as a person? 

A: “I have grown exponentially as a person since my first year at the College. I am no longer that shy, withdrawn person I once was. Now, I have no problem talking to strangers. I have made lasting friendships and relationships, and I have gained real-world experience. The College has prepared me by giving me the skills to succeed professionally. I am forever thankful for that.”

Q: Do you have any advice for new students? 

A: “Always go after what you want. Don’t be afraid to try new things. The only thing holding you back is yourself, so just let go, try new things, and experience new things. I promise you won’t regret it, and you will definitely learn a few things about the world and yourself.”  

Q: What are your plans after graduation? 

A: “My dream job is to work at the State Department in Washington D.C. High-profile and current issues have always fascinated me, and I have always wanted to see if I could deal with international issues, politicians, or organizing visits and events. However, since my internship this past summer, I have discovered I would also be happy to work in trade and exporting, since I enjoyed doing market research for the Massachusetts Export Center. If I could continue doing that kind of market research, I would be happy.”

Q: Parting words:

A: “They are not wrong when they say college is the greatest time of your life, so I would like to say thank you to Lake Forest College. I will always be grateful that I was forced out of my shell. It gave me the confidence to succeed in life.”

— By Tracy Koenn ’18