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Foresters compete in first Fed Challenge

Four Foresters participated in the Fed Challenge in Chicago on November 13, marking the first time the College has participated in the undergraduate team competition.

Lake Forest competed in a field of 19 teams that analyzed financial data to make monetary policy recommendations and model the Federal Open Market Committee.  

Representing the College were Susan Baca ’19, Michelle Zakson ’20, Eric Vaubel ’18, and Phillip Aubert ’19, under the guidance of Professor of Finance Muris Hadzic.

During the competition, teams prepared a 15-minute talk discussing their analysis of financial and economic data and their policy recommendation, which they presented to a panel of experienced judges. Following each presentation, another 15 minutes was reserved for Q and A between the panel of judges and each team.

“We prepared by doing a lot of research, and we met often to compile our information,” said Zakson of the team’s work before the event. “We worked with each other to make sure our sections of the presentation were well put together.” 

Teams first presented in preliminary rounds in four different rooms and then a final round ensued where a winning team was selected. For the Foresters who competed, the experience fostered growth and skills.

“Competing in the Fed Challenge helped me gain skills in problem solving, as well as being able to think and respond on the spot,” Baca said. “Overall, the event went really well, and I look forward to Lake Forest College competing in the Fed Challenge every year.”

While the College’s team did not progress to the final round, the students gained experience and took advantage of the important learning opportunity. 

“I was really proud of our team,” said Hadzic. “They presented confidently and professionally and were able to answer all of the judges’ questions. I was happy about it, they were happy about it, and it was a great first experience, overall.”

This experience at the Fed Challenge is among many scholarly opportunities available to business, economics, and finance majors at Lake Forest College. 

— Tracy Koenn ’18