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Lillard Science Center nearing final stages

For the first time in months, much of the construction fencing that has wrapped the Lillard Science Center site has been removed, allowing full view of the addition and new lobby.

With the removal of the construction trailer and equipment, the site has been turned over for ground work, including installation of sidewalks, asphalt, and new landscaping.

While the new entrance looks approachable, the area is still considered a construction zone and non-accessible to the public, as denoted by the string of red flags that edge the site.

Inside, things are also progressing: Lab cabinets and casework installation has been completed on the first floor and is under way on the second floor. The third floor installation is scheduled to begin October 30.

Furniture for public areas, classrooms, and laboratories has been ordered; furnishing needs for offices is being reviewed. In December, faculty and staff are scheduled to begin moving from the A-wing to the new C-wing. Then renovation work can begin on the existing science wings.

Once complete, the Lillard Science Center will bring together the biology, chemistry, physics, and psychology departments under one roof along with the environmental studies and neuroscience programs and a future program in biochemistry and molecular biology.