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The Forest

Call for film submissions

The ACM Student Film Conference and Festival is calling for students to submit original films, papers or screenplays.

ACMFILM is a festival and conference that showcases the best creative and academic work from filmmakers, scholars, and screenwriters from ACM affiliated campuses.

Hosted at Lawrence University’s Fox River campus from April 20-22, 2018, student film scholars, filmmakers, and screenwriters from across the ACM network gather to share their work with the burgeoning ACM film community and the general public.

The weekend is packed with paper presentations, film screenings, screenplay readings, and talks given by film artists and professionals. The weekend concludes with an awards ceremony, including the award for “Best of the Midwest”.

To be eligible for selection, the primary person submitting must be the sole maker of the work, or have played a significant creative role (director, screenwriter, cinematographer, etc.) in production, and be currently enrolled in an ACM affiliated school, or enrolled at the time of production. Recent alumni are encouraged to submit works produced while enrolled at an ACM school. ACMFILM encourages students to submit both course-related and independent works.

To submit your original work, click here