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Foresters making music

A simple call for musical contributions on Facebook has turned into a music CD featuring original songs by Foresters spanning the past four decades.

Professor of Music Don Meyer thought about putting together an alumni compilation CD for awhile and decided the College’s 160th anniversary—celebrated at Homecoming 2017—was the perfect time to do it.

“We have a lot of talented composers and songwriters who graduated from the College,” Meyer said. “I thought it would be cool to have an opportunity to showcase them collectively.”

The 16-song album, Lake Forest College Alumni Sampler Tray, 2017, features contributions from a 1974 alumnus through current students and spans all genres, including jazz, folk, country, rockabilly, rap, and classical. ”It’s a grab bag,” Meyer said.

While not meant to be a comprehensive look at the music created by all music alums, the varied nature of the pieces “is a reflection of the diversity of interests and talent we’ve always had in our student body,” Meyer said.

The 2017 Sampler Tray includes the following songs:

  • Sewing Pattern, “Love and Sadness” (Angie Ma ’08) twitter.com/sewingpattern
  • Tana Victoria, “Undo” (Tana Pinkard ’16) tanavictoria.com
  • The Okee Dokee Brothers, “Jamboree” (Justin Lansing ’07) okeedokee.org
  • Andrew Diehl & The Nightmen, “Starrk Moon” (Andrew Diehl ’08) andrewdiehl.com
  • Ian Iyengar, “(Have Me Have It) I’m Falling For It Again” (Ian Iyengar ’15) facebook.com: doum sound
  • Lucas of Maine, “Doorbell” (Lucas Deely ’20) lucasdeely.wixsite.com/journeytocallisto
  • Gai Jee, “They Say” (Jose’ph Ghanem ’08)
  • Atlas Black, “The People Living In My Desk” (Jin-Huon “L” Jou ’10)
  • Brian Kedzorski, “Back Home” (Brian Kedzorski ’09) radtrax.bandcamp.com
  • Anthony Ranieri, “Tocatta for Solo Piano” (Anthony Ranieri ’74) Seraph6@sbcglobal.net
  • Maria Dugas, “Five” (Maria Dugas ’12)
  • Danny Robles, “no regrets” (Danny Robles ’19) Soundcloud.com: danny_robles
  • DMajor, “I’ll Drink It” (David Gueringer ’13) Soundcloud.com: BLOTR/W
  • Midnight, “Blue-light” (Ash Williams ’18) Soundcloud: Midnight Memoirs
  • John TerMaat and Katy Myers, cello, “Way Back When” (John TerMaat ’09)
  • Lukas Schulze, “Fuzz But Remain” (Lukas Schulze ’90)
  • Doseagles, “Sympathy for the Internet” (Ryan Flynn ’15) doseagles.bandcamp.com