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The Forest

Thoughts on Las Vegas, Mexico, and Puerto Rico

Student Government President Jeremy Levinson encourages students to contribute to relief efforts.

A message from Jeremy Levinson:

Hello Foresters,

It’s important that, as we go about our regular routine, we don’t forget recent events which have detrimentally impacted countless lives both at home and abroad.

As the mass-shooting in Las Vegas is still fresh in many of our minds, we find ourselves thinking about what could possibly drive the mindless menace of violence. Frustration grows over our attempt to rationalize such tragedy.

However, we as a college community can come together to support each other and those in need.

While the events in Las Vegas will most likely dominate the media cycle over the next week or so, it’s crucial for us not to forget the natural tragedies that have affected Puerto Rico and Mexico. Both of these areas currently lack fundamental resources like food, water, shelters and medicine and as a result, they are suffering significantly.

I encourage you join me in contributing to relief efforts and donate to one of the organizations below. Even the smallest of contributions can go a long way:

Puerto Rico:


Thanks everyone and keep those involved in recent tragedies in your thoughts and prayers.

Jeremy Levinson