The Forest

Student Government Election Results

It’s finally time to announce the Student Government Senate Election results. Please be sure to congratulate the newly elected and appointed 2017-2018 Student Government Senate!

Class of 2018 Senators
Chermaine Chung

Class of 2019 Senators
Robert Simonovic

Class of 2020 Senators
Conner Castleberry
Christopher Fischer
Hakob Parsamyan
Cole Pedro

Class of 2021 Senators
Evan Weller
Cristina Casado
Egor Plotnitkov
Uche Okeke

Commuter Senators
Yaseen Younnus
Helen Brinckerhoff

Nollen Hall
Zachary Kenkins

Harlan Hall
Nicholas Slater

Blackstone Hall
Nicholas Wheeler

Cleveland-Young Hall
Casey Booth Desnoyers

Lois Hall
Amy Wang

Below are the results for CLC and College Council Election Results.

College Council
Holly McHenry
Egor Plotnikov

College Life Committee
Dakota Ducar
Marko Simonovic

We are still looking for interested students who are still interested in joining Student Government! You will receive an email soon with information on these positions as well as how to apply.