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A Forester you should know: Tyler Madeley

When Professor of English and Theater Richard Pettengill handed back his paper on Macbeth, Tyler Madeley ’18 was alarmed by the hand-written note: “See me.”

But Madeley had no cause for concern. Pettengill, it turns out, wanted to ask Madeley to direct the College’s upcoming production of Macbeth. 

“I think the production holds onto a lot of the classic elements that true thespians and Shakespeare lovers will want to see,” Madeley said of the work the cast and crew are doing on this weekend’s. “Even if you’re not interested in Shakespeare, I can guarantee that you will be entertained by these actors and what they’re doing on stage.”  

Madeley wants the audience to leave feeling haunted by the concepts from this production and its overall statement on humanity. 

Macbeth premieres at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 26 in Hixon Hall and will run for 95 minutes. 

This English and secondary education major is a Forester you should know. 

Q: What drew you to Lake Forest College?

A: “My sister went here so I had been on campus before. Also, I knew the education department is amazing. Hockey was a draw here, too. In general, I just love the campus.”

Q: What experiences have you had here—besides your classes—that have helped prepare you for your future career?

A: “I’ve already done student teaching in Waukegan that has helped me a lot. I wrote and directed a play last spring, Post-Mortem, and I did work with Visiting Assistant Professor of English Zachary Martin and the English department. Both of these past projects have really allowed me to develop my writing. I was a member of Alpha Tau Omega, which helped me since the members are very business-oriented and I’m very creativity-oriented. It gave me a different perspective on the real world.”

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A:If I’m not writing or directing, I’m also the assistant coach of the Lake Forest Academy prep team for hockey. I coach lacrosse there, too. I teach skating lessons in my free time, as well.”

Q: What are your plans after graduation?

A: “After graduation, I would like to start teaching right away. Within two years, I would like to start working toward getting a master’s degree in creative writing, hopefully.”

Q: Any advice for new students?

A: “Try out as much as you can. I came to Lake Forest College considering being a teacher, a soldier, or a lawyer. I tried as many different things as I could, which helped me realize what I was good at and what I like to do. I would advise you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, because Lake Forest College is probably the most supportive school I’ve ever been to and the College makes it okay to try different things. Not only will the faculty support you, but they’ll also guide you on your next steps to succeed.”

Q: Parting words:

A: “Without the friends that I’ve made here, and without the support of the faculty, I wouldn’t be where I am today. More so, I wouldn’t have a clear shot at what I want in the future.”

- By Tracy Koenn ’18