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The Forest

Religious Holidays 2017-18

Please be aware that the following message regarding religious holidays has been sent to all faculty.

Dear Colleagues,
The Office of Intercultural Relations has prepared the following list of major religious holidays occurring during the 2017-18 academic year. Faculty members should be aware that religious observances are considered College-approved events. Students who miss class meetings because of participation in a College-approved event are officially excused but are expected to make up any missed work. Faculty members who wish to cancel classes to accommodate their own religious observances should inform their students in advance and arrange to make up for the missed class time.
May 27*: Ramadan beginning (Islam)
June 26*: Eid al-Fitr (Islam)
September 1**: Eid al-Adha (Islam)
September 21-22*: Rosh Hashanah (Judaism)
September 30*: Yom Kippur (Judaism)
October 19:  Diwali (Hindu)
December 13 – 20*: Hanukkah (Judaism)
December 24: Christmas Eve (Christian)
December 25: Christmas Day (Christian)
January 7: Orthodox Christmas (Christian Orthodox)
February 14: Ash Wednesday (Christian)
March 21*: Nowruz - the Iranian Eve of the New Year (celebrated by Zoroastrians, Jews, Muslims, and Bahais in Iran)
March 30: Good Friday (Christian)
March 31 - April 7*: Passover (Judaism)
April 1: Easter (Christian)
May 1*: Beltane-Samhain (Wiccan)
* These holidays begin at sundown the previous day. 
**These holidays are calculated on a lunar calendar and are approximate. 
Please be aware that students may request accommodations for additional religious observances or practices (e.g., fasting, attire, etc.).
With thanks for your understanding,
Michael T. Orr
Krebs Provost and the Dean of the Faculty