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Richter Scholars in action

The Richter Scholar Program is so well under way that the first section—the students who work with a professor for four weeks—concluded their studies and presented their research on Friday, June 9.

The 23 four-week Richters presented their research at the Option 1 Richter Scholar Symposium in Meyer Auditorium. Projects ranged from studying proteins in Parkinson’s Disease to creating a class on the Irish in Chicago. Several four-week Richters worked together on projects. These 10 group projects factored into the 16 total four-week projects that came to a close. 

The presentations, lasting 15 minutes each, covered the research, process, findings, and possible uses of the work each student completed with their professor. All of the Richter Scholars not only shared their work but learned about the projects their fellow classmates had been working on for the past month. To fit the overall purpose of the Richter Program and engage students with intellectual thinking, all of the four-week Richter Scholars heard presentations on creating classes, finding lab research, studying archives, working with datasets and mass programs, and even digitizing the inside of the Lily Reid Holt Memorial Chapel.

Although the four-week program has ended, the 10-week Richter Scholars are in the middle of their research with their professors and will conclude and present that research on July 28. In the meantime, they get to enjoy working with a professor on collecting research and testing their critical thinking skills. 

— Tracy Koenn ’18