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Legacy families mark historic occasion

The Class of 2017 had a number of legacy graduates who gathered for photos just before Commencement at Ravinia Festival Park on Saturday morning, May 13.

“It was a day of extreme pride for me,” said Bill Lowry ’84, whose nephew Joshua Mason ’17 graduated this year. “Lake Forest College has been a love of mine for over 30 years. To be able to share the experience I had at Lake Forest with another member of my family is very, very satisfying. I trust Josh will have the same experience going forward as I have had.”

Lowry is a two-time legacy family. Last year, his niece Cameron Pilcher ’16 graduated in the same pavilion surrounded by family and friends in May 2016. “Both Cameron and Josh grew up hearing me talk about Lake Forest College,” Lowry said. “In some small way, I may have influenced their decision to go to Lake Forest. I’m so proud that both my niece and nephew are graduates from the school that has meant so much to me.”

The Class of 2017 legacy graduates included: Eric Arnold ’17, Elinor Chalmers ’17, Paul Dunham ’17, James Haney ’17, Ryan Keast ’17, Joshua Mason ’17, Alexander O’Grady ’17, Marina Rawlings ’17, and Nadeige Uwamba ’17.