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A faculty member you should know: David Fernandez-Diaz

David Fernandez-Diaz loved sharing his love of Spanish literature, culture, and history with students over the past academic year, and embraces the College’s liberal arts philosophy.

This new assistant professor of Spanish in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures and native of Barcelona, Spain, earned his PhD in Spanish literature from the University of Virginia. He is a faculty member you should know:   

Q: What drew you to Lake Forest College?

A: “There are many difference reasons: The size of the College, its philosophy, its vision, its diversity, its location near a wonderful city, the community, faculty, staff, the students, everyone. It’s a beautiful campus. I love everything about it. And the liberal arts mission is crucial.”

Q: Why does a liberal arts education matter?

A: “It’s a really good philosophy for students to be exposed to different courses and different perspectives rather than a fixed track from day one. That’s positive for the students and that’s why I’m working here.”

Q: What is your area of expertise?

A: “I’m interested in literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Right now I’m writing an article on the concept of race in nineteenth century Spanish literature. Next summer I plan to help one or two students with their research.”

Q: What courses did you teach in your first year here?

A: “Fall semester I taught courses in conversation and composition and a course called Spain Today on culture and history. Spring semester I taught Intro to Reading Spanish Literature, and Syntax, Grammar, and Style.” 

Q: Are mostly Spanish majors taking your classes?

A: “It depends. In the upper-level courses, the majority of students are Spanish majors. In the entry-level and 200-level courses, we have students who may not be Spanish majors but who are interested in Spanish literature and Spanish culture.” 

Q: What do you like best about the College?

A: “I had a great experience with the students during my first year. They have great talent and potential for the future. I’m very happy with my colleagues, too. Modern languages is a very good department. We are all very active and have different interests so we represent pretty well what language and cultures are. This a lovely place to work and live.”   

Q: Do you live on campus?

A: “Yes, with my wife Emilie and our 1-year-old daughter Paloma. She’s our everything. We walk everywhere with her and love to take her to the Lake Forest Library. I got my bachelor’s in English literature, so I really appreciate how well-organized it is and the helpful staff.”