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Student Garden harvest begins

The garden stewards at the Lake Forest College Student Garden at Glen Rowan are already harvesting some of their produce and selling it on campus—with free delivery included.

Available are two varieties of lettuce—buttercrunch and romaine Parris Island—at 70 cents per ounce, lovage at $1.50 per bunch, and chives—with or without chive heads—at $2 a bunch.

In addition to harvesting, full-time stewards Katie Harris ’20 and Olga Gutan ’20 and part-time steward Isabelle Cadrot ’19 have transplanted vegetables they started indoors, sowed heirloom vegetable and flower seeds, and watered, weeded, and mowed the fenced-in area behind Glen Rowan in earnest this week—the first official week of the garden.

The group recently discussed all things gardening over a pot of dandelion-blossom tea sweetened with local honey, prepared by their faculty advisor Kathryn Dohrmann, who has been involved with the garden since its inception in 2010.