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Summer session offers ‘chill vibe’

The first day of summer classes—Tuesday, May 16— has brought a new vibe to campus that students say they like.

Jenae Collier ’19 is taking an art class while living on campus. She finds the atmosphere “pretty chill,” she said. “It’s not like what I thought it would be. There’s a much calmer vibe.”

The biggest difference in the summer over the regular academic year? “My roommate and I will be ordering out for food a lot more,” she said.

Victoria Cisneros ’20 is a four-week Richter Scholar working with Assistant Professor of Spanish Denise Kripper to translate academic articles from Spanish into English for an upcoming book manuscript project.

When she’s not translating, Cisneros plans to kick off her shoes at Forest Park Beach. ”I’m going tonight with some friends, actually,” she said. Another benefit of the summer? “Meeting new people.” 

Jonathan Stern ’18 has a lot of plans for his summer—the first he has spent on campus—and on the first day of the term likes the “calmness” he’s observed. “Campus just feels really peaceful right now and very spacious. I’m enjoying that,” he said. 

Stern is one of four RAs in Moore Hall, the only residence hall open during the summer. He’s also got a three-day-a-week internship working with people who have ADHD, autism, and developmental disorders as well as studying for the GREs and running 100 miles a week to train for the upcoming cross-country season.

But the aspect he’s most looking forward to is connecting with new people. “It’s almost a unifying feeling that I don’t know everyone on campus, but I know they’re living in my building,” Stern said. “It’ll be a great opportunity to make those connections.”