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Communications and Marketing

Students make connections through internships

Anthony Annuziato ’17, one of 100 Foresters who interned last semester, picked up valuable skills during his internship that will help him pursue a career in social media marketing.

The sociology and anthropology major was among 18 students who made their final presentations on their spring for-credit internship experience. The group was working with faculty internship supervisor Smret Smith, associate director in the Career Advancement Center and the Career Pathway leader for the Law, Policy, and Nonprofit Pathway.

“I was able to develop my professional workplace skills and start building my professional network, which I’ll use throughout my career,” Annuziato said. The graduating senior spent weeks working at Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association (GLASA) in marketing and social media. 

After completing a major project in which he was asked to evaluate the non-profit’s social media presence, Annuziato found his career: social media marketing. “I had to review and evaluate all GLASA’s social media platforms—Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—and I loved it,” he said. Annuziato also discovered he has a marketable skill that many organizations lack.

Annuziato presented his findings to the organization’s board of directors and now understands the importance of building a professional network. Now he has personal contacts at two social media marketing companies that he knows he can turn to for guidance and leads.

“You get out of an internship what you put into it,” the graduating senior said, reflecting on his experience.

Approximately 100 Foresters completed for-credit internships during the spring semester at locations near the college, like GLASA, and at locations in Chicago and abroad.

With the summer session set to start, six students in the College’s ACTIVATE Summer Internship Program already have learned the ins and outs of professional networking and practiced those skills on professionals—members of the College’s Alumni Board.

“This summer will offer many opportunities for ACTVATE interns to further build their professional network,” said Victoria Beagle, a CAC assistant director and lead on the ACTIVATE program.

Students earn academic credit by participating in the for-credit internship program, which allows students to complete an internship in place of a traditional class. The assignments completed as part of the for-credit internship program help students to maximize the benefits gained from their internship experience. Students can complete multiple for-credit internships while still graduating on time. 

The ACTIVATE: Summer Internship Program is a selective enrollment program where admitted students participate in professional development opportunities before and during the program, receive personalized guidance to secure an internship, and earn up to two academic credits.