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Science Center update

Work will be conducted on the B-wing starting May 15 and likely last until the end of July, which will include closing off the entrance and stairs on the south side of the B-wing and removing two bathrooms in the McCormick Auditorium lobby.

The bathrooms will be removed so that a connection can be made between the new C-wing and the existing B-wing. Water and storm pipes also will be replaced.  

During that time, the lower-level entrance and stairs on the south side—where the wheelchair lift is located, the restrooms in the McCormick Auditorium lobby, and the stairs on the north side that provide entrance to the lobby will be closed. The two first-floor entrances on the east side—where the wooden ramp is located, and the restrooms on the first and second floors in the B-building will remain functional. In addition, a new ADA restroom in the lobby of McCormick Auditorium will be constructed by the fall semester.

The construction of the new science wing will require the removal of all of the A-building windows in the rooms that face the new addition. That work will take place from May 15 through June 5, and will involve removing the windows and replacing the empty spaces with concrete blocks.

Roofing has begun and the basement stair, including the concrete pour, is completed. 

Mechanical-trade personnel are busy on all levels, which includes plumbers, electricians, and duct and sprinkler workers. In all, there are about 50 workers on site.

Looking ahead, work on the rain garden will begin in May and end in June.