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Student in the spotlight

Tyler Madeley ’18 was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune about his play “Post-Mortem,” which was performed on campus.

Shout Out: Tyler Madeley, college student

By Mark Lawton

Tyler Madeley is a junior at Lake Forest College. He wrote and directed the play “Post-Mortem,” which was performed at Lake Forest College in mid-April.

Q. Where are you from?

A. I was born in Detroit and my dad played (professional hockey). Lake Forest is the 22nd place I’ve lived.

Q. Who impacted you in learning to write?

A. Most of my family. Though they weren’t writers, they got me into the art in different ways. My sister is a theater actor. My grandparents are both into poetry. My girlfriend reads my stories before I send them out. My teacher, Zachary Martin, really helped me develop plot lines.

Q. How did you get interested in theater?

A. That’s all my sister. She went to Lake Forest College. She’s been acting since high school. The more I saw her act, the more I wanted to write for the theater.

Q. Have you directed other plays?

A. No. I directed a haunted house.

Q. Any challenges to directing?

A. When I’m directing, I have an entirely new human being who might want to incorporate things into the script. The hardest thing was to get on the same page as my cast members.

Q. What is “Post-Mortem” about?

A. It’s a group of six monologues that are all based on individual stories after they have died. Some know they are dead and some are trying to figure it out. You get to tell your story one last time before your life is completely over.

Q. What’s your plan for after college?

A. I’m training to be a teacher.


–Chicago Tribune, April 19, 2017