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Faculty honored at Hotchkiss Celebration

Nearly 50 members of faculty and staff gathered to honor the published and creative work of the College’s distinguished faculty during the annual Sue and Gene Hotchkiss Celebration of Faculty Scholarship.

The scholarship of 46 faculty members was on display in the second floor of the Donnelley and Lee Library during the third annual event. Attendees perused recent faculty scholarship, including the following:

  • Books and edited books
  • Book chapters
  • Journals articles and published papers
  • Websites
  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Creative works, including arrangement, film and video, exhibitions and original artwork
  • Translations
  • Criticism, essays, and reviews
  • Theatrical works and performances
  • Interviews 

“This is a real testament to the high level of productivity of the faculty,” Dean of Faculty Michael Orr said. “This event is a wonderful moment for us to come together as a community and really celebrate that.” 

Eugene Hotchkiss III, president of the College for 23 years, began the celebration in 2014 as a memorial to his wife, Sue. Hotchkiss’s 23-year presidency was marked by he and his wife’s passionate support for faculty scholarship.  

“What’s going to sustain Lake Forest College is the scholarship of the faculty,” Hotchkiss told the crowd. “That’s what makes Lake Forest College distinct. It keeps you alive and keeps the students alive.”