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2017 Phi Beta Kappa inductees announced

Students are honored for excellence in the liberal arts and sciences within the Lake Forest College community.

The following students have been invited to join Phi Beta Kappa. They have been notified, so feel free to congratulate them. An induction ceremony was held on April 18, 2017.
Class of 2017:
Natalie Bober
Ugur Cengiz
Treston Chandler
Anthony Collado
Elizabeth Duerst
Christopher Fitzgerald
Tara Gloystein
Margaret Hartfiel
Rebecca Howell
Rachel Jones
Kristina Karapetyan
Sujan Kim
Timothy Klauer
Kevin Kupiec
Camille Lemieux
Jimmy Litjens-Cusan
Andrea Lorch
Brendan McLane
Jennifer McTague
Gorica Malesevic
Samantha Miller
Danielle Muci
Megan Ramsland
Marina Rawlings
Katerina Roldan
Peyton Schrag
Evgueniya Semenova
Max Spehlmann
Grace Sullivan
Jennifer Swartz
Marcel Tatum
Lily Thorsen
Maja Torlo
Alan Vargas
Kristen Whitney
Class of 2018:
Katherine Beall
Lauren Bell
Yuliya Zayats
Nipun Chauhan
NOTE: Lindsay Hartup and Emily Ong, both class of 2017, were inducted as juniors
The Theta of Illinois chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest and largest academic honor society, honors excellence in the liberal arts and sciences within the Lake Forest College community.