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Soup and Stories offers opportunity for understanding others

Michael Roy ’18 shared the story of his journey through college, mental health, and his struggle with letting go of the “shoulds” in life as part of the College’s longstanding Soup and Stories program.

Roy, who runs the student mental health advocacy group on campus, offered to share how his struggle with mental health and his journey through therapy—in which he challenged the “shoulds” in life related to sexuality, gender, and religion, among other things—led him to become a mental health advocate at Lake Forest College. 

“I challenged myself to share my story with the community because I needed to hear those things myself at one point in my own journey,” he said. “Hopefully, people were able to take away things  from my talk that might help them on their own paths.”

Soup and Stories is a staple event on campus, where faculty, staff, and students share aspects of their lives with the Forester community. In addition to learning about stories of struggle, triumph, and personal growth, Foresters gather to eat soup together, reminiscent of family meals. 

The Office of Intercultural Relations has hosted Soup and Stories several times a semester for more than 10 years.

Caitlin Brown ’18 was among the group of 30 students, faculty, and staff who  attended Roy’s Soup and Story on March 30.

“I try to participate in a lot of the different events we have on campus,” she said. “Soup and Stories is a good opportunity to learn about the experiences of other students here on campus. It’s important to keep talking about those experiences, learning about them, and thinking about ways in which we can expand our understanding of what it means to be a college student and coming up with different resources for students.” 

The Office of Intercultural Relations provides ample opportunities and programs for students to learn more about the diversity that embraces them at the College.

The next Soup and Stories is at noon on Thursday, April 6, in the Pierson Rooms, and will feature Evelyn Bello ’17, who will tell her story of resilience as a first-generation Mexican-American and the role that God has played in her journey.