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New opportunities for community college transfers

College of Lake County and Lake Forest College make it easier than ever for students to attend both institutions and graduate on time, and without breaking the bank.

Students in the sciences, arts and humanities, and business who begin their academic careers at the College of Lake County (CLC) have a smooth path to a bachelor of arts degree at Lake Forest College, thanks to a special partnership between the two institutions, including the CLC Pathway Scholarships and a Guaranteed Admission Agreement. 

“We have had many students from CLC graduate from Lake Forest College, but this provides a unique opportunity for future transfers,” explained Lake Forest College President Stephen D. Schutt. “We are thrilled to strengthen our relationship with the College of Lake County through this partnership.” 

Lake Forest College created these opportunities “specifically to continue to get the best students from the College of Lake County,” said Director of Transfer Admissions at Lake Forest College Melissa Naughton. “We will work with the students throughout the process to ensure an easy transfer of credits.”

CLC President Jerry Weber said he is “honored” that Lake Forest College is assisting in providing a pathway to CLC students. “Through this partnership, we’ll be able to offer another high-quality option for our students, right here in Lake County,” Weber said. 

CLC transfer students can choose from four Pathways Scholars Programs at Lake Forest College:

  • Pathway Scholars: Lake Forest College supports the CLC Scholars Program by offering up to two full-tuition awards each year to CLC Scholars with outstanding academic records and significant financial need.
  • Pathway Business Scholars: This program targets CLC students who seek to major in business and have completed their associate of arts degree or 60 transferrable semester hours. Admitted students will receive a guaranteed $20,000 or $25,000 scholarship.* 
  • Pathway Science Scholars: This 2-2 Science Scholar program is available to students interested in majoring in mathematics, science, biology, chemistry, physics, and neuroscience who have completed their their associate of arts degree or 60 transferable hours from CLC. Admitted students will receive a guaranteed $20,000 or $25,000 scholarship.*
  • Pathway Humanities Scholars: Lake Forest College will support up to 15 CLC transfers who are interested in majoring in the humanities and have completed their associate of arts degree or 60 transferrable semester hours at CLC. This Pathway offers students a guaranteed internship opportunity. Admitted students will receive a guaranteed $20,000 or $25,000 scholarship.*

Lake Forest College works closely with CLC students throughout the admissions process, according to Naughton.

“Oftentimes, we work with CLC students even before they apply to Lake Forest College,” she said. “We will work with them specifically looking at their transcripts and working closely with our faculty to make sure they are taking the right classes toward the majors they’re interested in.”

For more information about the College of Lake County Scholarships and the Guaranteed Admission Agreement at Lake Forest College, visit lakeforest.edu/CLC

* $25,000 scholarship for Phi Theta Kappa students who are also Pathway Scholars