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In Memoriam: Spring 2017

Foresters who recently passed.


Robert C. S. Roth ’40
Rockledge, Florida
January 6, 2016

Robert V. Strause ’43
December 6, 2016

Thomas A. Peterson ’46
Apple Valley, California
October 28, 2016

Robert A. Nelson ’49
October 5, 2016

Robert B. Edwards ’49
Irvine, California
June 23, 2016

John T. Jerrard ’49
Batavia, Illinois
November 13, 2016


Carol Litchfield Spaulding ’50
Edmond, Oklahoma
August 29, 2016

Dorothea Schwennecker Buller ’51
Libertyville, Illinois
July 8, 2016

Phyllis Danford O’Meara ’51
Naples, Florida
July 16, 2016

Arnold C. Larsen ’51
DeKalb, Illinois
August 24, 2016

Valerie Vining Smith ’52
September 26, 2016

Barbara Jean Wahlstrom Vogl ’52
Rockford, Illinois
November 5, 2016

Jean Whyte Mohr ’52
Lake Forest, Illinois
August 9, 2016

Archie W. Jones ’53
Springfield, Missouri
June 20, 2016

Erwin R. Giljohann ’53
Fergus Falls, Minnesota
August 13, 2016

Gene W. Skooglund ’53
Naperville, Illinois
October 30, 2016

Sally Stilwell Nannestad ’54
Republic, Michigan
November 26, 2016

Busch Starker ’55
Bloomington, Indiana
September 2, 2016

Lois Edelman Rogatz ’55
Northfield, Illinois
July 23, 2016

Dave M. Haviland ’56
Sebastian, Florida
November 2, 2016

Elizabeth Crimmins Simcox ’57
Batavia, Illinois
September 11, 2016

Paula Ernst Dau ’58
Lake Forest, Illinois
November 11, 2016


A. Whiteside ’60
September 19, 2016

Seppo I. Aarnos ’62
October 8, 2016

Art K. Schwarz ’63
Sherwood, Wisconsin
July 1, 2016

Pamela Barton Koop ’63
Mesa, Arizona
August 10, 2016

Sara Ericson Mattick ’63
October 16, 2016

Barbara L. Yarrington ’63
Hobart, Indiana
August 22, 2016

Mary Rockwood Diaz ’68
St. Paul, Minnesota
October 30, 2016


Andrew N. Richardson ’75
Shelbyville, Illinois
November 8, 2016

Margaret S. Moga ’75
October 15, 2016

Terrence S. Davidson ’77
Kansas City, Missouri
November 19, 2016


Mark J. Pasillo ’84
October 23, 2016

James H. Richards ’88
Chicago, Illinois
December 19, 2016


Raul G. Valdes-Fauli ’90
Coral Gables, Florida
September 9, 2016


Kaitlyn M. Unger ’13
Chicago, Illinois
November 17, 2016 

Jean Whyte Mohr ’52
Lake Forest, Illinois
August 9, 2016

Jean Whyte Mohr was raised in Lake Forest and graduated from the College in 1952. While in attendance, she met her future husband, Frank Mohr ’52. The Mohrs married shortly after graduating and settled in Lake Forest, where they raised their four children, Scott, Libby, Margaret, and Mary.    

As an active alumna and long-serving trustee, Jean was an invaluable contributor to the life of the College. She joined the College’s Alumni Board in 1977 and served as the Board’s President from 1979 to 1982. She was subsequently elected to the Board of Trustees and named a Life Trustee in 1996. Jean’s generosity to the College is evidenced in many ways, and perhaps best exemplified by the lead gift she and Frank made in 2006 in naming the Mohr Student Center. Now at the heart of the College, the Mohr Student Center stands as a daily reminder of Jean’s Forester spirit and her unwavering dedication to her alma mater. 

Beyond her service to the College, Jean volunteered with a variety of local and national nonprofits and charitable institutions, including the United Way, American Field Service, Family Services of South Lake County, and the Presbyterian Church. In 1979, as national vice president of the Panel of American Women, Jean and others representing the organization were honored at the White House by President Jimmy Carter in recognition of their work on behalf of those confronting the effects of prejudice, discrimination, and racism. 

In addition to Frank and her children, Jean leaves behind 10 beloved grandchildren: Charley McKee, Scotty Mohr, William McKee, Parker McKee, Emily Winters, Betsy Winters, Molly Winters, Wes Stokes, Kate Mohr, and Ian Stokes.

Paula Ernst Dau ’58
Lake Forest, Illinois
November 11, 2016

Paula Ernst Dau, wife of head handball and assistant football coach Mike Dau ’58, passed away, at the age of 80, peacefully at her home on November 11, 2016.

Paula grew up in Chicago with her mother and maintained close relationships with her aunts and cousins on her mom’s side. She attended Francis Parker School for all four years of high school and spent her freshman year at Northwestern University before she transferred to Lake Forest College to complete her bachelor of arts degree. Soon after graduation, Paula married Earl Norstrom ’52 and together began their life in Barrington, Illinois, raising two children and building Earl’s dental practice. After 28 years of marriage, Earl passed away at the age of 54.

Six months after Earl’s passing, Paula visited Lake Forest College, where she encountered classmate Mike Dau, the football coach and athletic director at the time. Sixteen months later, they married. Shortly after, Paula began her active involvement with the Alumni Association.

For her loyal support and dedication to Forester Athletics, the College, and the Lake Forest College community, Paula received the 2016 F.A.N. Club Impact Award over Homecoming Weekend. As the award winner, Paula served as parade marshal for the 2016 Homecoming Parade—60 years after leading the on-campus parade as the Homecoming Queen in 1956.

Paula was the loving mother of Lisa (Ted) Pierce, David (Mary Claire) Norstrom, Perry Dau, and Dawn Dau. In addition to her children, Paula will be missed by her grandchildren: Rick, Caroline and David Pierce; Erik and Grant Norstrom; and Perry Michael and Brandon Dau.

Kenneth Chisholm Bennett
Lake Forest, Illinois
December 11, 2016

Born and raised in Highland Park, Illinois, Kenneth Chisholm Bennett passed away at the age of 89. He was an English professor for almost 40 years at Lake Forest College. A student of Shakespeare for six decades, Bennett published articles on Shakespeare’s plays in America, England, and Germany, as well as his book, Threading Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Along with his wife Doris Jean, Kenneth loved spending his sabbaticals in London, England.

Kenneth also greatly enjoyed participating in bridge tournaments, where he was awarded the rank of Life Master. In addition, he was an accomplished artist working in pastels and watercolors, and often exhibited his work locally. He was also extremely fond of the opera.

After a long marriage of 59 years, Kenneth was preceded in death by his wife, whom he affectionately referred to as DJ. He is survived by his son Bruce (Patricia); daughter Lise; grandchildren Elliot (Amanda), Dustin, Annie, and Molly; great-grandchildren Stella and Aiden; and sister Bonnie (John) Korngiebel.