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2017 Richter Scholars announced

More than 40 outstanding first-year students were selected to do research on campus this summer through the College’s well-regarded Richter Scholar Summer Research Program.

A record number of applications were submitted for consideration this year, and the Richter Scholar Committee selected students from an exceptionally strong applicant pool, according to Richter Scholar Committee Chair Shubhik DebBurman. 

“We could not be more pleased by the academic quality of this Richter Scholar class and the diversity of backgrounds, interests, and cultures its members represent,” he said.

The Richter Scholar Summer Research Program provides students with the opportunity to conduct independent, individual research with Lake Forest College faculty early in their academic careers. The ultimate goal of this program is to foster a strong commitment to the intellectual life, and to encourage participating students to consider careers in research and teaching. 

The students will work one-on-one with a faculty member, doing independent research in one of a wide variety of fields. As the Richter Scholars live and work together and participate in a weekly colloquium, they become a community of peers, providing encouragement and support for one another’s research endeavors. The result is a group of scholars motivated to continue their intellectual achievement in the future.

These students will spend four to 10 weeks on campus this summer participating in various research projects. The students selected as 2017 Richter Scholars are:

Niam Abeysiriwardena ’20
Rose Allen ’20
Haley Bader ’20
Ariane Balaram ’20
Evangeline Bero ’20
Alexsandra Biel ’20
Victoria Cisneros ’20
Maria Civitello ’20
Nina Codell ’20
Nombuso Dlamini ’20
Nena Fasbender ’20
Zachary Feldman ’20
Samuel Gascoigne ’20
Lauren Giurini ’20
Hajar Habbal ’20
Elizabeth Hozie ’20
Emma Juettner ’20
Ani Karagianis ’20
Sandra Khouri ’20
Fillip Komornik ’20
Amber Lennon ’20
Jacob Levin ’20
Aleksandar Markovic ’20
Kgotla Mmopi ’20
Joseph Mountain ’20
Timothy Nichin ’20
Brett Palmero ’20
Sushmeena Parihar ’20
Olivia Parrott ’20
Hakob Parsamyan ’20
Kaloyan Parvanov ’20
Rebecca Rabizadeh ’20
Alejandro Rodriguez ’20
Samantha Russell ’20
Anna Sandler ’20
Elizabeth Schenk ’20
Rhyan Shanker ’20
Andrew Smyrniotis ’20
Zaria Sydnor ’20
Lesley Tenorio ’20
Elizabeth White ’20
Isaac Winter ’20
Nicholas Zazove ’20
Mikita Zhylinski ’20
Ryan Zunker ’20