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Students can enrich their academic experience with study abroad

There’s still time for your student to apply for study-abroad for this summer or during the 2017–18 academic year.

Many students have taken courses off-campus to fulfill requirements in their major, though others may spend a summer off-campus to free up time during the regular semesters to focus on coursework for their majors or internships.

Students will work with their academic advisor and the Off-Campus Programs office to find approved programs, ensuring that time spent off campus will count towards graduation requirements.

“For semester programs, we operate on a two-stage process,” said Director of Off-Campus Programs Ashley Sinclair. “Students apply to the Dean of Students and their academic advisor to ensure they are cleared to go off-campus.”

This generally requires a clear disciplinary record and a 2.5 GPA, plus their advisor’s confidence that the student will stay on track to graduate while abroad.  

“In our second stage in February, students apply to their preferred programs for the following academic year,” Sinclair said. “Students who miss the deadline can apply for Exchange or the Lake Forest College In The Loop Program.”

Summer programs have different deadlines. “Certain competitive programs are due in November, while others are not due until March,” Sinclair said. 

Click here for complete information on off-campus programs.