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Making study abroad possible for student-athletes

Not only has study abroad expanded to more than 200 programs in 70-plus countries, new options are available to make this valuable experience possible for student-athletes.

“We are working with our student-athletes to find programs that fit their needs, such as having access to fitness facilities where they can continue their training,” said Ashley Sinclair, director of off-campus programs.

Typically, it was almost impossible for winter or “split-season” athletes to go abroad for a traditional semester.

“We have programs that start in late March or early April, including options in England, Germany, Japan, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, and the Netherlands and students may be eligible to stay on campus to finish their season before they go,” Sinclair said.

Off-campus programs can be a life-changing experience for a student and are highly encouraged at Lake Forest College.

“Understanding cultural differences in today’s increasingly interconnected world is an important and invaluable skill,” Sinclair said.

The experience enhances student’s job opportunities after graduation and a semester off campus can better prepare them to meet the challenges of a global workforce, she added.

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