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The Forest

Landscape services more eco-friendly

Facilities Management is pleased to announce a change in how the College will maintain its landscape. 

Typically, landscape maintenance has been performed with gasoline powered lawnmowers and ‘two stroke’ (mixed oil and gasoline as fuel) trimmers, edgers and blowers.  Not only has this form of maintenance been loud and intrusive, it also spews unburned hydrocarbons, particulates and smoke into the air while being used.  The College’s Sustainability Committee has long wished for better, quieter and less polluting maintenance practices while Facilities Management explored alternatives to the status quo.

Working closely with our landscape contractor over the last month, our goal was to come up with methods of eliminating the environmental drawbacks of past practices.  I am very happy to announce that we have succeeded.  Beginning this spring, Mariani, our landscape contractor will utilize recently ‘invented’ electric riding lawnmowers on the majority of the Campus (excluded is Glen Rowan and athletic playing fields.)  Battery powered hand-held equipment, such as trimmers and edgers, will replace the noisy and smoky tools of the past.  Pollution and noise will be dramatically reduced.

This step represents a large commitment to the College and the environment by Mariani, and I am very pleased with this new partnership.  Also deserving of a shout-out is our Grounds Manager, Mark Schultz.  His six months of work exploring the possibilities of this new technology in landscape maintenance was instrumental in contributing to this change.  Members of the Sustainability Committee and Facilities Management are very excited about these positive environmental changes and we hope you are also.


David J. Siebert

Director of Facilities Management

Lake Forest College

555 North Sheridan Rd.

Lake Forest, IL  60045

(847) 735-5040