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It’s a Forester Thing

Cheering the Foresters to victory at football games on South Campus. Grabbing dinner with your friends on Middle Campus. Viewing the latest art installment in Durand on North Campus. Whatever your favorite memory from your time at Lake Forest, these are all Forester Things.

On Thursday, March 30, we will celebrate all things that make us Foresters with our second annual It’s a Forester Thing Day. North to South, East to West, Foresters Celebrate.

“This is an opportunity for Lake Forest College alumni and friends across the country to come together and celebrate what it means to be a Forester,” said Ashley Learn, assistant director of annual giving and alumni engagement. 

This one-day celebration is dedicated to bringing together alumni, family, and friends around a common cause—ensuring our current students have the best experience possible at Lake Forest College.

“On March 30, we will rally together to celebrate It’s a Forester Thing, raise funds for the College and increase participation by 2%—the equivalent of 260 donors,” Learn said.