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Tusitala, Teller of Tales: An Anthology

The latest edition of Tusitala pays tribute to more than 80 years of writing at Lake Forest College and is a true testament to alumni.

In existence since 1935, the anthology includes work from the first issue through the present, covering all areas of literature.

Tusitala, Teller of Tales: An Anthology was designed by Bryanna Tartt ’16 and Rachel Tenuta ’17 with curatorial help from Print and Digital Publishing students. It is intended to pay homage to past contributors and serve as a reminder of the spirit that animates the Lake Forest College experience.

“Working on this project was a great experience,” Tenuta said. “It was interesting to see from the introduction to the first edition in 1935 that students’ values then are similar to students’ values today: They wanted to bring literature and writing to students from students. It’s encouraging to see that vision has been carried out through all these years.”

Tartt, who graduated from Lake Forest last spring, said: “The anthology is a great display of how much Lake Forest College students value the magazine and I hope the compilation of work can inspire future students to express themselves through the various media that Tusitala embraces.”

In addition to the anthology, “Tusitala through the Years” was displayed in the Archives and Special Collections section of the library. This display exhibited the current anthology as well as past editions, including the inaugural 1935 Tusitala.