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Communications and Marketing

A Forester you should know: Julio Madrid

Chicagoan Julio Madrid  wasted no time getting involved in on-campus activities when he transferred to Lake Forest College his junior year—and he’s glad he did.

This major in finance and minor in communication is a Forester you should know. 

Q: What drew you to Lake Forest College?

A: “For the most part, it was the feeling of the small community that I found most comfortable. I could’ve gone to a bigger university, but I enjoyed the atmosphere here and small class sizes. I decided I’d rather be in a classroom of 20 to 25 students rather than a 300-person lecture. It’s close to home and definitely a good school for my finance major.”

Q: Have you had experiences here—besides your classes—that have helped prepare you for your future career?

A: “One of the most helpful events on campus is Speed Networking, which is held once a year. It’s my favorite event. You get to interact with so many people and have the opportunity to learn about jobs and internships. The professors are really helpful. They let us know when there’s a guest speaker coming to campus that they think we should meet or presentations to learn about careers in specific fields. I try to attend as many of these sessions as I can.”  

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: “During the week, I stay on campus and get involved in clubs. I’m the vice president of finance for the American Marketing Association and I attend the Investment Club. On the weekends, I work every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I don’t have a lot of free time.” 

Q: What are your plans after graduation?

A: “Hopefully, I’ll land a full-time job. I work on that every day, after I do my homework. I try to do a couple applications a day. I’m looking for something more on the corporate finance side.”

Q: Any advice for new students?

A: “For students who attend Lake Forest all four years: use those first two years to take advantage of all that the College has to offer. For transfer students: get super involved. When I attended community college, I wasn’t worried about getting involved. But when you transfer, you should capitalize on those last two years you have here. Really put yourself out there and enjoy it while you can.” 

Q: Parting words?

A: “I enjoyed my time here. I wish I would’ve been here all four years, but I’m glad I got to be here for my last two years of college. I’m going to miss it. I am looking forward to life after Lake Forest College and I’m very proud that I’m going to be a Lake Forest alumnus.”