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First Year Studies students get robots moving in Young Hall

Students in Professor Bob Holliday’s First Year Studies course, Robots, Termites, Bits, and Bytes, developed their own programs that directed LEGO robots they built to deliver various messages to several professors’ offices in Young Hall.

Students spent two weeks developing their own program using LEGO’s Mindsoft software that would send their robots to various offices throughout Young Hall based on how many times someone clapped.

After registering the number of claps, the robots would then head to the elevator, wait for the door to open, board the elevator. The robot would then exit on the appropriate floor. Then, they headed for a professor’s office door. If after three knocks, no one answered, the robot would drop a hand-written note. If someone was in the office, the robot would play one of several built-in messages, such as “Have a nice day.”