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Three internships offer valuable career insight

One of the main reasons Michael Rueffer ’17 chose Lake Forest College over other colleges that recruited him to play basketball was its Career Advancement Center (CAC).

“To have a designated area that is there to help you get jobs and internships is the most unique thing about this school,” the finance major and entrepreneurship and innovation minor said.

Rueffer has worked with the CAC to land three meaningful internships where he has worked in:

  • Accounting in the front office of a Minor League Baseball team;
  • Fund accounting at an investment firm; and 
  • Private wealth management with Peter DuBois ’85 of Morgan Stanley.

“Having three internships will set me apart from others when it comes time to look for a full-time job,” the basketball point guard said.

And trying out different aspects of finance and work environments has helped Rueffer identify what he likes and what he doesn’t.

Working in the Kane County Cougars’ front office, while fun, was not a good fit. “I still have a love for sports and will always want to be involved in sports in some facet, but I couldn’t do it for a full-time job,” Rueffer admits.

And that’s okay, he realizes. “I’ve learned what wasn’t for me,” which is a valuable lesson, Rueffer said. “It’s better than getting a full-time job after graduation and realizing, ‘Wow. I don’t like this.’”

His experiences working hands-on in mutual funds during his second internship and learning the ins and outs of private wealth management in his current position have helped Rueffer on his career path.

“I would love to get into a client-facing job where I get to interact with clients and deal with investments and securities in some kind of financial analyst role,” he said. “I want to have a balance and utilize my analytical skills. My internships have helped me figure that out.”