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Two named latest Kemper Scholars

Jessica Grimes ’19 and Anthony Vikhter ’19 have been selected from a group of national finalists to become one of 16 in this year’s incoming class of the prestigious Kemper Scholars Program.

The James S. Kemper Foundation of Chicago has been supporting Kemper Scholars since the program’s inception in 1948. 

The Kemper Scholars Program mission is to shape well-rounded business leaders, with a special focus on the insurance industry. By identifying high-potential undergraduate students and supporting them with a comprehensive program of scholarship, mentorship and internships, the Kemper Scholars Program helps students develop both practical and professional skills to become the next generation of effective business leaders.

“Kemper Scholars represent a select group of undergraduates from a group of exemplary liberal arts colleges around the country,” explains Dr. Ryan LaHurd, president of the James S. Kemper Foundation. “They are selected because they are committed to their studies and service in their communities and because they have exhibited leadership and well-rounded, ethical character. Throughout the over six decades of the program, scholars have gone on to make outstanding contributions as leaders in organizations around the country.”

Recent research reports that employers rank real world experience in internships and work while in college as a primary criterion in hiring recent graduates. “The Kemper Scholars Program helps students apply their academic education to the world of professional careers, making connections between the classroom and the workplace,” said Jerry Fuller, executive director of the Foundation.

Every year, all Kemper Scholars attend a national summer conference in Chicago to discuss their summer work and experience, to meet with former Kemper Scholars, and to consider topics in administration, leadership and business. Starting in the fall and throughout the academic year, scholars continue to have frequent contact with Kemper Foundation staff to discuss academic and professional goals, as well as hopes for future careers and learning opportunities.

“In our time of rapid change and globalization and the need for complex problem-solving and innovation skills, we at the James S. Kemper Foundation are proud of our role in helping shape the next generation of leaders,” LaHurd said. “Kemper Scholars’ broad background and experiential learning opportunities as part of the Program will make them eminently qualified for the myriad opportunities the future will offer.”