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Communications and Marketing

Three-book deal

Peyton Rose ’01 recently published his first novel, The Long Way Home, which won recognition as a finalist for Contemporary Fiction in the National Independent Excellence Awards.

“I based Harber Woods College in The Long Way Home on my first experiences at Lake Forest College,” Peyton Rose said. “The study-abroad programs offered by Lake Forest are among the nation’s best.”

Ultimately, the off-campus study programs convinced Peyton to attend Lake Forest, where he majored in philosophy and minored in religion.

Rose enlisted the talents of alumnae Jenaeth Higgins Markaj ’01, to edit his debut novel, and his wife, Ashleigh Adams Rose ’00, to design the cover.

The Long Way Home is the first installment in his three-book deal with 220 Publishing of Chicago. “I am currently finishing my second piece, a graphic novel and poetic narrative titled, Theatre for the Universe,” he said. My third project engages the American natural-gas boom that occurred between 2004 and 2015.”