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Communications and Marketing

Senior selections

The Library and Information Technology staff celebrated its graduating seniors by purchasing books for the library collection in each student worker’s name—based on their field of study or interest. The books will be on display in the Donnelley and Lee Library until after Commencement.

The following is a list of the students and their book selections:

  • Donya Buglio ’16, communication and business, Pax Technica
  • Craig Da Silva ’16, finance and psychology, The Lottery Mindset
  • Sam Froiland ’16, environmental studies and history, The Blue, the Gray, and the Green: Toward an Environmental History of the Civil War
  • Hayden Hoschouer ’16, physics and computer science, From Sight to Light: The Passage from Ancient to Modern Optics
  • Simran Kaur ’16, English and gender studies, Critical Terms for the Study of Gender
  • Jenna Madeley ’16, theater, Contemporary Women Playwrights in the Twentieth Century
  • Belen Martinez-Carol Aguado ’16, psychology, Ordinary Medicine: Extraordinary Treatments, Longer Lives, and Where to Draw the Line
  • Scott Mason ’16, computer science, The Computing Universe: A Journey through a Revolution
  • Sam Mercier ’16, biology and Spanish, Architectural Agents: The Delusional, Abusive, Addictive Lives of Buildings
  • Dhushanthi Ramakrishnan ’16, biology, Life’s Engines: How Microbes Made Earth Habitable
  • Veronica Rodriguez ’16, sociology and anthropology, Sounds of Belonging: U.S. Spanish-Language Radio and Public Advocacy
  • Nermin Sehic ’16, history and English, Narratives of the Islamic Conquest from Medieval Spain
  • Esmail Sharafuddin ’16, computer science, Cracking the Coding Interview: 189 Programming Questions and Solutions
  • Kristina Simeunovic ’16, finance and international relations, Out of Sight: The Long and Disturbing Story of Corporations Outsourcing Catastrophe
  • Jenna Stillwell, psychology and studio art, Expressive Arts Therapy for Traumatized Children and Adolescents: A Four-Phase Model
  • Bryanna Tartt ’16, psychology, APA Handbook of Forensic Psychology
  • Rahul Thakuri ’16, biology, Dodging Extinction: Power, Food, Money, and the Future of Life on Earth
  • Trevor Vacala ’16, chemistry and computer science, Physical Chemistry: A Very Short Introduction

  • Sherin Varghese ’16, psychology, The Feeling Brain: The Biology and Psychology of Emotions
  • Kayla Whitney ’16, art history, Makers of Modern Architecture
  • Lee Zwicke ’16, English, The Documentary Film Reader