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College announces new major in African American studies, minor in journalism

A new major in African American studies and minor in journalism were recently approved.

The College’s new interdisciplinary African American studies major expands on the minor that has attracted a steady increase in student enrollment.

“Such a major and its offerings would benefit a number of students and further a cultural understanding that is desperately needed at a time when race relations are again at the forefront of our nation’s challenges,” Chair of African American Studies Judy Dozier said.

At Lake Forest College, students may take a variety of courses that offer them an opportunity to learn about the African American experience and introduce them to the interdisciplinary methodological techniques that illuminate that experience. “The major will prepare our students to enter any of the many prestigious graduate programs in African American Studies across the nation,” Dozier said.

The new major consists of interdisciplinary courses in literature, education, environmental studies, history, legal studies, music history, philosophy, theatre, communication, psychology, and religion. Students may select courses ranging from the History and Philosophy of Slavery to Hip-Hop, Race, and Culture.

The new journalism minor integrates with the College’s liberal arts curriculum and fulfills a growing interest by students.

“Our program will incorporate new media into a model of teaching journalism that incorporates both academic instruction in journalism studies and experiential learning from work in journalism,” Chair of Communication David Park said.

Students enrolled in the journalism minor will have an important career-building opportunity to find an internship at a wide range of news organizations in Chicago and its metropolitan area.

“Journalism is an area of study that is of dramatic consequence to the constitution of the public and the sustenance of democracy,” Park said. “Without journalism, there could be no democracy.”

The journalism page on the College’s website is coming soon.