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Headed to Morocco

Andrea Lorch ’17 has her summer set. The double-major in international relations and religion and minor in Islamic world studies is headed to Morocco to study Arabic and get a different world view.

“I like to approach the world from a broader perspective and so I look forward to immersing myself in a new culture,” Lorch said.

Her summer experience is made possible through a Critical Language Scholarship (CLS). The U.S. Department of State program is a fully funded summer overseas language and cultural immersion program for American undergraduate and graduate students.

This is only the second time in the College’s history that a Lake Forest student was accepted into the program, and the first since 2009. 

Her biggest concern going into the trip is the rigorous program work she will face.

“I will be taught Arabic in Arabic. I do not have speaking proficiency, but I am not allowed to speak any language but Arabic while I am there,” she said. 

Getting ready for her trip has required a new wardrobe. 

“A certain degree of modesty is going to be required of me that I have not become accustomed to, growing up in Southern California,” she said.

The cross-country runner will have to find a culturally appropriate outfit to run in and a man to run with, if she wants to continue her workout regime overseas.

“Running is how I usually explore new places,” she said. “I might have to find another way to do that.”

Her summer experience is certain to help propel Lorch’s future career in foreign service.

Director of Off-Campus Programs Ashley Sinclair helped Lorch with the application process.

“I’m thrilled she got it,” Sinclair said. “This will augment her study of Arabic language and culture immensely. Our students’ liberal arts backgrounds prepare them to be strong candidates for competitive awards like Critical Language Scholarships, US/UK Fulbright Awards, and other funded programs.’