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College unveils new career pathways website

Students can choose from business, sciences, arts, law and policy, and “build your own.”

Career pathways comprise specialized communities that Lake Forest students can join for help in matching their interests with career preparation. The pathways are organized into occupational specialties: creative arts; health and science; law, policy, and nonprofit; business and finance; and a pathway called “build your own,” for students whose interests cross several communities or for those who prefer to invest in personal development before selecting more specialized pathways.

“The pathways align with key strengths in the College’s academic program, outcomes track record, and expected areas for labor market growth,” Lisa Hinkley, the College’s associate vice president for careers and professional development, said. Each one is led by a team of advisors comprising faculty, staff members, and College trustees.

On the website, students can see related upcoming events, learn about majors and minors, read profiles of students’ experiences, and read about alumni who have created their own versions of success within the pathway

“Using the pathways, students can freely explore their interests and trust that engaging in the pathways will help them to prepare for productive and rewarding careers after graduation,” said Hinkley.

Students from all majors are welcome in all pathways and, as Hinkley explains, “Students can start taking the next steps outlined in any or all pathways to begin immediately getting more involved and informed.”

Students interested in starting their career preparation journey are encouraged to explore the careers pathway website here.